The other characters

Author Jan Buruma created the eccentric archive professor Von Falckensteyn. The writer also created a number of other characters. They play a role in each Von Falckensteyn novel.

Mrs. Tryntsje Jansma. She is the wife of Sybren Jansma. She is the professor’s housekeeper and cleaning lady in his official residence. She is a modest, hard working woman. She makes sure Von Falckensteyn’s white, big suitcase is ready and packed, each time he has a mission in a foreign country.

Mr. Sybren Jansma. He is the husband of Tryntsje Jansma. He is the professor’s handyman, coachman, horseman. Each working day, he drives Von Falckensteyn from his official residence, just outside the town centre, to the Eise Eisinga University Franeker, and each evening back home again.

Mr. Teun van Dam. He is the rector magnificus of the Eise Eisinga University Franeker. In the year 2000, the government of the Dutch province of Friesland appointed him to run the university. He runs it as a straightforward, modern business, however on the highest possible scientific level. He always wears a tailor made suit and shirt, but never a tie. International relations are very important for the university, the foreign missions for Von Falckensteyn perfectly suit that goal.

Mr. Roderick Huydecoper. He is the librarian of the Eise Eisinga University Franeker. Wearing a jerkin, neck collar, knee high socks and a black high hat, he seems to have walked right out of Rembrandt’s world famous painting The Nightwatch from 1642. In reality, however, he perfectly knows his way in 21st century online databases. Mr. Van Dam and mr. Huydecoper made some great deals with scientific publishers. He always assists Von Falckensteyn, in case the professor needs background information when working on a foreign mission.