Archive professor Von Falckensteyn

Franeker University (1585-1811) (source picture - Wikipedia)

Prof. dr. F.J. A.P.  von Falckensteyn teaches Higher Quest Archivology at the Eise Eisinga University Franeker in the town of Franeker, The Netherlands. The government of the Dutch province of Friesland wanted in the year 2000 to mark the new millennium by a milestone. They decided to restart the 17th century Franeker University.


From 1585 till 1815 in the town of Franeker academic teaching was given. Students and professors from various countries gave the Frisian town a lively, academic atmosphere. For 2,5 centuries university life flourished. The Napoleon era, however, changed all that. After 1815 the Franeker University was continued as an Athenaeum. In 1843 it was finished.

New start

In 2000 the Frisian government decided to name the new university after Eise Eisinga (1744-1828). His Planetarium, that he created around 1770, was a unique masterpiece. He rebuilt the solar system completely on scale in his own house in Franeker. It is now a museum. It is the oldest, working planetarium worldwide.


Already during Eisinga's lifetime, the Planetarium was a pioneering masterpiece. The Frisian government wanted that scientitific-creative mentality to be the main spirit for the Eise Eisinga University Franeker. It is located at the Academiestreet, in the very centre of Franeker, in the same building where centuries ago the Franeker University was located.