Bulgarian Labyrinth

Bulgarian labyrint is an exciting crime novel written by Jan Buruma about the 1978 Bulgarian umbrella murder. The Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov was then murdered in London. The murder weapon was unique - a poisoned umbrella. The crime was never solved. Bulgarian Prime Minister Angelov wants to finally get that done after all these years.

Old document

He calls in professor Von Falckensteyn. He is the eccentric Higher Quest Archivology professor professor at Eise Eisinga University Franeker. He needs quickly to track down an old document about the murder. His assistant is miss Maja Altova from the Bulgarian State Archives.


Their hunt goes via Sofia, London, Copenhagen and back to Sofia. They are thwarted by a mysterious group of opponents. Will they find the old document in time? Or do they get stuck in the Bulgarian labyrint?

Bulgarian labyrint is published by the Dutch publisher company Elikser and costs € 18.50