Bulgarian labyrinth is a thrilling crime novel on the Bulgarian Umbrella Murder of 1978. The Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov was murdered in London. A unique murder weapon, a poisoned umbrella, was used. The crime was never solved. The Bulgarian prime minister Angelov wishes to sort this out this after all these years.
To this end, he engages professor Von Falkensteyn. The eccentric professor of Higher Quest Archivology at the Eise Eisinga University in Franeker is to find an old document on the murder with all due speed. He is assisted by Maja Altova of the Bulgarian State Archives. Their search leads them from Sofia, via London and Copenhagen, back to Sofia. In their quest, they are hindered by a mysterious group of adversaries. Will they find the old document in time? Or will they get stuck in the Bulgarian labyrinth?
Bulgarian labyrinth is edited by Elikser publishing company and costs €18.50.
At present, the book is -still- only available in Dutch.